To Register for our game server, please use the form below. Please read these instructions, as failure to comply with them may result in your registration being removed. 

  1. Fill out the form below using your proper Steam ID.
  2. Join our Discord Server and inform us that you have applied to join, and what user name you used to signup.

By registering to join the Kingdom of Evermore game community, you are agreeing to follow and uphold our Server Rules both in the game, and within the website or Discord server. Please read these rules before applying to join us. 

Our game server uses a White List, which means you need to have your Steam ID added to the list in order to access the game server. It is essential that you provide us with your Steam ID!  This is NOT your Steam Username. It is a numerical 64 bit Steam ID. Please use the What’s My Steam ID? website to determine the correct string of numbers for us to enter.

An incorrect number or a user name WILL NOT WORK! Please provide us with the ccorrect 64-bit Steam ID using the instructions above. Otherwise, we cannot add you to the game server. Also, it is imperative that you join our Discord server using the button to the left. You must contact us in Discord if you have questions or need help.