Game Information

Kngdom of Evermore is a private game server for Funcom’s Conan Exiles game. We built this server specifically for PvE and Roleplay Gaming, and use several Steam Workshop Mods to enhance the game for both players and admins alike. 

We create custom content, quests, and other elements to make the game more enjoyable than what Conan Exiles is out of the box. To this end, there are some things different than what you will find on the offical Conan Exile’s game servers.

Our game does not have an ending. The ability to reach the end-game, as defined by Funcom, has been disabled. You will never be able to remove your bracelet. The main goal for our game has been changed, and the main quest storyline is quite different. For example, The Dregs is no longer a dungeon as it is in the offical servers. Though it still appears on the map, the only way to enter is to find the City of Evermore. The Dregs is considered the sewers of that city.

There are three main admins for Kingdom of Evermore who share the responsibility of maintaining and managing the game server. In Discord, they are Baric, Dhurgan Ironfist, and Nerus. If you have questions, these are the people who can provide the answers, or tell you how to find out.

What is RP?

To put it simply, RP (or roleplay) is acting out the part of your character, just as an actor in a movie or play. You assume the role of your character in a social atmosphere, or story-driven adventure, and play that part. RP is not required to be a player on this server. There will be plenty of PvE content for such players. However, RP may be a necessary part of certain GMed adventures. There are 2 types of communication when doing RP in an environment such as this.

1) In Character (IC) Communication: For this server, IC actions and speech will be accomplised by using the Local Chat Channel. A character can describe what he/she is doing, and what they are saying, by going to Local Chat and using the /me command.

/me roars a challenge to his opponent, then slams his sword in a wide swing, aiming for the neck. “Come and get it, scum!”

This will appear in chat with the player’s name (instead of the /me) so that all see exactly what the player’s character is doing. Such actions may require a die roll, if indicated by the GM. Die rolls are performed using the /roll command in chat, like so:

/roll 1d20 or /roll d20

This rolls a 20-sided die in the Local Chat Channel. These rolls help the GM determine the results of player actions and attacks, or if a player has avoided some action or attack, during the course of the game sessions. The GM will inform players when to roll, and what die type, and how many, to roll. Here is another example that rolls 3 4-sided dice.

/roll 3d4

2) Another form of communication during a game session is Out of Character (OOC). This should not be done in Local Chat, but in Global Chat or with Whispers. The Clan Chat channel will also be OOC communication. This is communciation between players, not characters.

Mods We Use

  1. Pippi – User & Server Management
  2. DungeonMasterTools
  3. River_ Boats_of_ the_Exiled_Lands
  4. Less Building Placement Restrictions
  5. Niflheimr – MiniMap
  6. Emberlight
  7. Fashionist
  8. Kerozards Paragon Leveling – A Multigun Refresh
  9. WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
  10. Dark Desires
  11. Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
  12. Savage Steel
  13. Savage Steel vol II
  14. Better Thralls
  15. Jungle Building Set
  16. IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
  17. Northern Timber
  18. Stun Bow
  19. Glass Constructions and more…
  20. ModControlPanel
  21. ThrallSideKick
  22. Lament by Emberlight
  23. Warsong Rp Mod